Week off

After two weeks of work, a well-deserved week off in between training courses. No holiday or anything like that though – this was a great opportunity to start sorting my life out before disappearing for 18 months. Lots of paperwork, tax-forms and moving furniture and boxes of books up to my brother’s house for storage.

Amidst all of this, I had time to nip up to Backcountry in Ilkley to get fitted for a pair of touring-ski boots. I am told that all of the skis and bindings are available for general use at Rothera, but a pair of your own boots is essential if you plan to spend any long periods skiing. The fitting was an exhausting experience – it took 5 hours from beginning to end with an extremely patient shop-assistant. It involved something like 10 trips to and from the ski-boot oven. but I eventually staggered out with my first pair of fitted ski-boots. Now I just need to learn how to Nordic-ski.

On the way back down to London I also stopped in at BAS HQ to pick up a P-box (personal box). This is the large crate that goes down South onboard the ship and joins up with you a month or so into your trip. I wasn’t really prepared for the size of the thing, which only just fitted into the back of my estate car (all seats down)! What on earth am I going to fill it with?

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