GOC complete

So, another course finished, and I am now the proud owner of a GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate. So what’s one of ’em then? I’m still not completely sure, but I have certainly had a lot of practice at calling ‘Mayday, mayday, mayday’ on ship radios, which I suppose is reassuring in a way.

The course was brilliant fun and provided me with plenty of time to practise chattering away over the radio whilst simultaneously writing all of the information down with 100% accuracy (harder than it sounds!). The highlight of the course was taking copy of the following (simulated) Mayday message:

“Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is a Polish ship called the Slobonmedyckyabych. We have hit a sperm whale, and are going down rapidly. Repeat, we are going down and there’s seamen everywhere. The water is heaving with seamen. Over.”

After this exercise we had to have a break and a cup of tea before any further work was possible.

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