Night-time in Antarctica

As the winter draws in, the nights are finally getting dark enough to see the stars, hidden from us for long months by the twenty-four hour daylight. You don’t need to go very far away from the base before the light pollution drops away to nothing and the night-sky is crystal clear. Here at Rothera we are still relatively far North, and it is unusual to be able to see the Southern lights, but here’s hoping that we’ll get the odd glimpse of them over winter…

Rothera base at night

The satellite dish on top of Rothera Point, with ice-cliffs in the background lit up by the orange glow from the base.

Icebergs in the moonlight

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2 Responses to Night-time in Antarctica

  1. Andy Worsley says:

    The colour in these photos is unreal. Looks like they’re been made with a 3D rendering package. You’ll be pleased to know that the UK is getting a lot more summery, and lunchtime volleyball is returning soon. All the the best for winter!

    • I know what you mean, but amazingly these are just long exposures and needed next to no tweaking in Photoshop.

      I am getting the odd very slight twinge of jealousy about the thought of playing volleyball in the park at lunchtimes…

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