Clear nights and dingle days

Just in case you were wondering, ‘dingle’ is an BAS term meaning perfect weather. The opposite term in Antarctic lingo (honestly – I’m not making this up) is ‘manky’.

Another beautiful day yesterday lead to a crystal clear night and an incredible view of the Milky Way. I couldn’t resist getting out there to take some more night-time shots.

The temperature has been dropping slowly but surely over the last couple of weeks, so it was a chilly night to be out with the camera. However, we were rewarded this morning with the first patches of pancake-ice appearing on the sea. This is formed when the sea surface starts to freeze over, and is the precursor to thicker sea-ice. The main thing about it is, it looks awesome.

The Rothera Memorial by night. This cross stands at the summit of Rothera Point, and is a tribute to the people who have died at Rothera over the decades that the base has been in existence. Their names are inscribed on stones around the base of the cross. It is an amazing place to sit and reflect.

The Milky Way, as seen out to the West of Rothera on a cold, clear night in March.

Pancake ice forming on the surface of the sea around Rothera. This was taken early in the morning as the sun was rising, casting the incredible purple light over the bay.

Sunrise over Mount Gaudry (in the middle). It doesn't look it, but this is the highest peak on Adelaide Island, reaching 2565m.

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