A letter from Kyrgyzstan

I don’t get much post here in Antarctica, so I was delighted the other day to receive a couple of dozen letters from the pupils of Silk Road International School, a Turkish-run private school based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. A friend of mine from the UK who recently moved out to Kyrgyzstan is teaching English to year 5 (the 10 to 12 year-olds). They were learning a bit about Antarctica and looking at my blog – she therefore decided that it would be an interesting project for them (and me!) if they wrote to a real-life Antarctican.

So, first of all, a big hello to classes 5A and 5B, and of course to Ms. Paris, their teacher! Thank you very much for your letters, which were all brilliantly written and gave lots of interesting information about your lives in Bishkek. I have written replies to all of you, which you may already have received (or may still be on their way – who knows?).

The letters were packed full of excellent questions about what life is like down here. Lots of the students wanted to know what we have to eat, what the buildings are like, whether we have toilets and whether I have a wife (!). However, some were also keen to delve into grittier issues such as what scientific experiments we are carrying out, whether our activities affect global warming and most intriguingly, whether we have fowls in Antarctica. I have tried to answer all of these tricky questions to the best of my ability!

It was difficult to choose a couple of letters to display here. In the end I decided to pick the most colourful ones – here they are:

Letters from Kyrgyzstan

And here are photos of the classes. Once again, thank you to everyone who wrote to me and I really look forward to getting some replies to my letters!



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