Winter sunrise

Now, I know that people can get bored with seeing pictures of sunrises, especially when they don’t even feature the actual sun. I understand this well, because recently I’ve also sighed deeply each time a new and incredible sunrise appears and I’ve had to pull on lots of warm clothing, collect my camera from wherever it’s hiding on base and then trudge out into the cold deep snow with a tripod to take yet more photos.

So as long as I have to keep suffering new and unique colours of sky, I’m going to inflict them on you as well. Happy? Good.

Antarctic sunrise

This was yesterday lunchtime. There was some debate amongst us as to whether these are nacreous clouds, or just high cirrus. Unfortunately, Rosey the meteorologist, the one person that might actually know the answer, was in bed at the time. Nacreous clouds are unique to Antarctica as they only form when the temperature in the stratosphere falls below -78 degrees Celcius. Some of our recent met balloons have confirmed that this new low has now been reached at the right height, so it should currently be possible for them to form. Two interesting facts about nacreous clouds – firstly, they can luminesce, creating a visible pearly sheen in the sky (we saw one doing this a couple of weeks ago). Secondly, they are implicated in the formation of holes in the ozone layer (though they are not caused by human activity). Fact.

Antarctic sunrise

I think that this one was a sunset, actually. It’s a bit difficult to make the distinction when the day is only a couple of hours long! I will add my usual disclaimer – this photo hasn’t been tweaked at all, this is pretty much how it looked to us.

Flock of shags

OK, so it’s not exactly a sunrise, but I was out taking photos of the sunrise when this flock of blue-eyed shags flew past, heading for the warmer north. So I photographed the **** out of them.

Antarctic sunrise

This is New Bransfield House, our main living block. In front of it is the ‘miracle span’ , used for storage and recycling, and the incinerator in front of that. I took this photo about 10 minutes ago!

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One Response to Winter sunrise

  1. Catherine Williams says:

    I’m loving the sunrise photos Ab so keep them coming!! Stay well, Cath X

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