More sea ice

I went for a walk today to check on the progress of the sea ice. Impressively, it has remained intact despite being battered by 40 knot winds overnight. and most of the clear water that was visible from Rothera last week has now disappeared altogether. We also had a sprinkling of snow last night so it looks like the proper job!

It was exceptionally calm conditions as I wandered along the shoreline. Once out of earshot of the base, the only sounds that you could hear where the occasional whispered squeaks and groans of the ice as the water moved beneath it. It was beautiful, tranquil and completely mesmerising.

Sea ice

Sea ice forming east of Rothera. The photo that I took of this same area last week showed a big patch of clear water, which has now disappeared completely.

Sea ice

Another mirage, and some clear water down in Marguerite Bay, to the south.

Sea ice

This photo shows the wharf in the foreground, with ice stretching all the way out to Lagoon and Leonie Islands. There is some bad weather coming in from the south!

Sea ice

A patch of shiny blue ice amongst all of the clutter of brash ice.

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