Trans-Antarctic music

Green room

Putting together the song in the Rothera green room. I was actually really enjoying myself, so I’m not sure why my face ended up taking it so seriously.

A couple of weeks ago we decided it would be fun to work on a trans-Antarctic musical collaboration, bringing musicians from Rothera and Halley together into a single band. Early plans to hold live rehearsals over the shortwave radio were swiftly shelved, so the final solution was to ping pre-recorded material backwards and forwards by email. After a couple of late nights mixing it all together in the Rothera green room, here is the end resultĀ  (courtesy of The Police), featuring:

  • Sam (Halley): guitar & vocals
  • Me (Rothera): saxophone, synth, backing vocals and rapping!
  • Tom (Rothera): drums and bass

MIAB – click on the link to listen/download.

We all enjoyed working on this so much that we’ve already decided on the next song – watch this space!

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2 Responses to Trans-Antarctic music

  1. Steve Orbell says:

    I was about to skip over this update – just you looking a bit grumpy inside, rather than the usual spectacular arctic scenery. But then the *rapping* bit caught my eye. I really enjoyed the track, but I was a bit distracted by wondering how many takes it took to do the rap without laughing!

    • Cheers Steve, and yes, it took roughly a million takes to get right. For most of them I unfortunately just forgot how to speak properly, but the rest were ruled out due to loud sniggers. I also found at that it is really hard to rap without putting on a cheesy fake American accent. It was a voyage of discovery.

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