Rothera’s Got Talent

Saturday night was Rothera’s Got Talent – a night for everyone to shine. An evening in which finely-polished acts can be displayed to the rest of the awestruck winterers. A time for those well-hidden skills to sneak out into public.

The winner will be performing at the Royal Variety Show next year. It’s that big.

Muzza and Rozza duetted ‘Fur Elise’ on the piano, whilst simultaneously pouring some G&Ts. Good multitasking.

George recites some Australian poetry, clad in some classic Aussie clothing.

Dale even brought out his ukulele for the evening, playing here with Ash on guitar. We don’t see the ukulele too often – it’s such a nightmare to transport to venues.

And a full-length comic opera from Jacko, involving love, drama and an evil man-bear-pig, all from a cast of one.

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2 Responses to Rothera’s Got Talent

  1. MichB says:

    Someone linked this blog while commenting on another blog I follow, so I’ve spent most of my day reading through every entry in here and being in awe of all your stunning photographs. After finishing this post I was suddenly dismayed to find that there was no more to read. I was momentarily confused, why had you stopped writing? Only then did I catch sight of the date of your post. I have caught up with The Present! Which means *gasp* YOU’RE STILL DOWN THERE!!! Suddenly this is all very real. I’m so glad you have the sun back, and will keep on checking in for more fascinating exploits from the bottom of the world. Stay toasty 🙂

    Michelle, UK

  2. Hello Michelle, thank you for your message – I’m very excited to hear that people are reading my blog! Yes, we are still plodding through the winter here on the Antarctic Peninsula, albeit now with a real feeling of springtime in the air. We see a bit more of the sun every day and the hours of darkness are diminishing fast. It’s only a couple of months now before the first planes arrive from South America and we’re overrun with visitors again.

    Here’s to staying toasty!


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