18 – Rise of the Snowmen


Snowmen: vicious, chilling and uncompromising.

“Snowmen have featured in every major conflict for the past 100 years. Humans have been driven out of their homes, their cities and their countries. Mankind has been pushed down to the bottom of the world to survive in Antarctica. Stay away from the snowmen.”

These were the final words spoken by a warrior, one of a handful of men and women who were all that remained of the human race. They sought refuge at Rothera Base, Antarctica, where they hid from their chilling enemies. Eventually, inevitably, they were hunted down.

“18 – Rise of the Snowmen” is the tale of the final battle of men versus the evil, rampaging snowman hordes.

Click on the link below to see the film. Apologies for the lowish resolution – it’s all our internet connection could handle!

Watch “18 – Rise of the Snowmen” on YouTube

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One Response to 18 – Rise of the Snowmen

  1. Anthea says:

    I thought Antarctica was cold!! Obviously global warming has allowed people to lie about sunbathing in the snow.

    Have enjoyed the blog, but have been lazy about commenting. I can see you’ve really struggled to fill your time down there…

    Love Auntie A xx

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