More trans-Antarctic music

A few weeks ago we recorded a version of ‘Message in a bottle’ as a collaboration with the musicians at BAS’s Halley base. All of us involved enjoyed working on the song so much that we decided to record another one, a version of the Tori Amos song ‘Cornflake Girl’. This time there were a couple of new additions to the band, most notably Cas, the Halley doc, who did sterling work on the lead vocals.

Here it is, featuring:

  • Cas (Halley doc): lead vocals
  • Sam (Halley meteorologist): piano and bass
  • Tom (Rothera radar engineer): percussion
  • Dale (Rothera plumber): ukulele
  • Ant (Halley chef): backing vocals
  • Me: tin whistle and synths

Cornflake girl – click on the link to listen/download.

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3 Responses to More trans-Antarctic music

  1. Steve Orbell says:

    I enjoyed this! It sent me on something of a journey through Tori Amos tracks I hadn’t listened to for a while.

    Can we expect a charity album any time soon? Or are the bandwidth constraints such that a whole album of material would need you to stay for several more winters?

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