The countdown begins

Time really is marching on! It seems no time at all since winter began, but already this week we started clearing the runway ready for the arrival of the first aircraft, which is due in just over a fortnight. Jack and Rob took on the task of manning the two massive JCB tractors, each with an equally massive V8 powered snow-blower attachment. They made the most of a strong breeze to chuck the blown snow as far away as possible, while I made the most of the bright sunshine to take photographs.


Jack on the JCB tractor, clearing snow from the southern end of the runway.


A lovely day for chucking lots of snow around.


Rob on the JCB, snow-blowing past the Bonner laboratory (back) and the Gerritsz Laboratory (front). You can also see that the recent high winds have scoured all of the loose snow off the ramp, leaving it pretty icy!


Snow being whisked about on the ramp on a blustery day.
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