It’s been a while since I put up any sunrise or sunset photos, so here goes… The sun now rises at about 5.30am, so you’ve got to be up pretty early to catch it. Fortunately, I was on night-watch last week, and was wide awake to witness to some of the best sunrises that I’ve seen down here.


There are several different types of sunrise in Antarctica. This type is known as an ‘orangey’ one.

Sunrise. That’s snow, and those are icebergs, but you’ve probably got that by now.


Yup, you’ve got it – this is a ‘purpley’ one.


This is a trickier one – a bit purpley, and a bit orangey. Scientists refer to it as ‘plorangey’.


Can I keep this going? You bet. This one is ‘blurpled’, but I wouldn’t expect you to have got that. Science can be hard.

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