Humpback whales

First things first – apologies for the recent lack of blogs. For a couple of weeks now it’s been almost impossible to get onto the website that I use. It seems to get upset with our grindingly slow internet connection, which is currently creaking at the seams due to the enormous number of people on the base at the moment.

Anyway, we had a bit of a whale week last week – minkes, humpbacks and orca all in the space of a few days. They were mostly fairly fleeting glimpses, and I only managed to snap photos of the humpbacks – here they are.

Whales 1362

A pair of humpbacks cruised past the station, following a particularly dense swarm of krill in the bay.

Spotting humpbacks - a bit of a fluke.

Spotting humpbacks – a bit of a fluke.

Whales 1360

Everyone loves a good blowhole.

Whales 1364

More flukes.

Whales 1363

More whale-tail. Disappointingly, I didn’t manage to get any shots of their heads.

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One Response to Humpback whales

  1. Rob Starling says:

    Great pics

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