Every year the ship delivers a large stash of peroxide hair dye to Bird Island. It took me a while to realise that this is for the scientists to use to mark seals – a small patch of bleached fur is a simple, painless way to distinguish one seal from the hundreds of other very similar looking animals.

However, it is also a tradition that when the first pups start to arrive, the Bird Island humans all go blonde as well (surely it’s unfair to do it to a seal if you’re not prepared to do it to yourself?). Last night we had dinner, cleared the table and then went… well, you judge.


Steph gives Jess blonde tips, while Rob goes for the plunge and does his whole head.


I opt for blonde splotches all over. Hannah obliges, having been practising on seals earlier that day.


Manos wants a blonde beard. Who are we to argue?


Cian relaxes, happy in the knowledge that his eyebrows look awesome.


If you ask for blonde splotches then you get… blonde splotches.



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