Bloody geeps

Are you feeling squeamish? Then read on…

The next group of our neighbours that I’d like to introduce are a rowdy bunch, with appalling table manners. Giant petrels (known as geeps [pronounced ‘jeeps’] in the local vernacular) can be generously described as the recyclers of the bird world, happy to selflessly plough into any carcass that happens to be left lying around. They don’t particularly mind if one end of the carcass is still twitching.

The bunch shown below waded into a seal carcass in full view of our kitchen window this evening, just before dinner. Whilst they were evidently delighted at having found such a tasty treat, we found it difficult to share their rampant enthusiasm for the meal.

Giant petrel

Geep, with his beautiful shiny red head plumage.

Giant petrel

Being particularly proud of his appearance, he strikes a pose.

Giant petrel

Dirty bird. Having bits of seal gut hanging from your chin is not very attractive.

Giant petrel

…and this is why.

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