More birds

Brown skua.

Skuas hovering in attack formation. One of these two tried to land on my head shortly after I took this photo (see his talons – he gave my hair a much-needed comb). They’re not normally agressive birds, but are very defensive if their nest is nearby – this display was accompanied by constant, ear-splitting squawks.

Black-browed albatross

Black-browed albatross lining up for final approach. An albatross landing is quite a hit-or-miss affair – they usually have several aborted approaches and then pile into the deck with legs and wings akimbo, so he understandably looks a bit nervous.

Black-browed albatross

Black-browed albatross over Bird Island base. Just underneath him you can see a red blob. That is Hannah and Cian threading their way between the seals as they head off to work for the afternoon.

Black-browed albatross

Black-browed albatross colony above the base. A very neat nest.

Brown skua

Getting attacked by an angry skua, just below the peak of Gazella. It’s only when they fly straight at your head that you realise what big birds they are!

Wandering albatross

Wandering albatross stretching his wings (or is it a her?). South Georgia is in the background, just across the water.

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