It’s one of those unavoidable things that comes round every year, like winter colds or tax returns. Yes, it’s the traditional annual Bird Island blonding. Each year hundreds of seal pups get marked with hair dye so that they can be easily tracked, and it seems only reasonable that the humans responsible get a bit blonder too. So last night we turned the dining room into a hair salon, grabbed the peroxide and cling film (apparently an essential part of hair-dying equipment, which was news to me) and pushed sub-Antarctic island fashion to a new level.

Here is a seal puppy, doing an excellent catwalk-job of showing off Cian’s hair-dying skills

Here is Jess, drawing a wandering albatross onto the head of one of BAS’s very eminent scientists (he only put up a modest resistance).

Here is Robbie, proudly showing off his new blonde hair/black beard combo.

And here are the rest of us proving that blonde is the new cool.

But this is what we all dream of looking like… here is a blonde fur-seal – not dyed by us, but a rare genetic anomaly of which only a handful are born here each year.

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