Masters of disguise

It’s a little-known fact that fur-seals are masters of disguise, regularly using their costumes and make-up skills to hide from predators. The pups, the vulnerable youngsters, have to be especially good at it. Here are a few examples:

This first one is trying to appear inconspicuous on top of an male fur-seal. This is quite a good tactic as anything with any intelligence (this certainly rules out penguins, but they’re not known for preying on fur seals anyway) would avoid the aggressive adult like the plague. Plus it makes a nice warm bed.

This second one is trying to pretend that it’s a skua. The skua, on the other hand, is just waiting hopefully for the pup to die.

These three have all had the same idea – they’re trying to disguise themselves as a pallet truck. Surprisingly effective.

This one’s a bit different – taken on our front doorstep, this is a photo of a very young elephant seal nervously trying to pretend that it’s a fur-seal pup, while the fur-seal pups all try and pretend that they are a doormat. The animal world can be confusing.

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